Goicoechea Diabet TX Body Lotion.

Goicoechea Diabet TX Body Lotion.


About this item

  • DRY SKIN LOTION FOR DIABETIC SKIN: Specially formulated for rough, dry skin, Goicoechea Diabet TX Body Lotion intensely moisturizes and conditions the skin of people with diabetes. Use daily to deliver deep hydration to skin and feet
  • IMPROVES SKIN APPEARANCE: This lotion for dry skin starts working from the first application to enhance the skin by reducing the appearance of varicose veins, bruises, blemishes and imperfections. Ideal for dry skin associated with diabetes
  • SOOTHING, HYDRATING DIABETIC LOTION: Goicoechea body cream is formulated with moisturizing Soybean oil, to give a long lasting boost of hydration and nourishment to very dry skin. Adds a layer of moisture to skin leaving it softer and smoother
  • REVITALIZING DAILY MOISTURIZER: Apply this hydrating, unscented lotion generously on dry, rough skin areas and massage until completely absorbed. For best results use the body moisturizer daily immediately after showering or bathing
  • GOICOECHEA FOR HEALTHY SKIN: Explore our skin care products that are formulated with care to soothe and treat dry and rough skin, cellulites, tired legs and feet, bruises and more, for healthy looking skin

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