Microfiber Fan Dusters

Microfiber Fan Dusters


Product Details

Get your home spick and span with these nifty fans! These microfiber dusters are ready to attract and trap all of the dust and dirt from your furniture. Simply give these fans a wave using their attached handles and watch the filth disappear before your eyes. Perfect for restoring life and cleanliness to tables, TV stands, counters, bookshelves, and more without damaging other items. A must-have for homes, cleaning services, businesses, schools, and more. A cleaner space is just one wave of your hand away with White Microfiber Fan Dusters!


Assortment Details: 11.8x9.85-in. White essentials(TM) Microfiber Fan Dusters

Brand: essentials

Width: 9.84 in

Height: 1.96 in

Length: 11.81 in

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